On Monday 3rd of October, P6/7 visited The Shieling Project.  Our instructor was called Sam, and he had a dog called Aspen!  When we arrived Sam and Aspen greeted us!  He said: “We are going on a twenty minute walk,” with a grin. We stopped at a rock face and were allowed to keep a rock from it.  We went on a walk to examine different types of woodland/forestry.  Then we had lunch and got to visit the composting toilet.  Then we made a landscape out of muck and dirt.  Sam got some red wool and we made contour lines.  After we went to the picnic area and drew maps to show where we were – we also drew on contour lines to show how high hills were.  We also enjoyed petting the pigs.  We had a great day.

By Iona, Sam and Sarah (P6/7)

Class visit to The Shieling Project