“On Wednesday, P6/7 went on a special trip to UHI to learn about coding.

The workshop began the moment we entered the STEM building.  We started off learning about the rules and safety expectations and then tried out some warm up activities.  We had to guess what other people had drawn and copy it down onto our own pieces of paper, then learn about directions and what commands to use.  The ladies that taught us were very nice and understanding and always helped us when we were stuck.

After our warm ups, we were told to get into groups of two or three and were sent to these giant screens that were like huge i-Pads, and we played some coding games.  First we played a directional game called “Light bot.”  You got to choose if you played as the pink or blue light bot.  After that we played a similar game based on Minecraft.

The class really enjoyed the trip, especially the fact that a lot of us got to try out coding for the first time!  We think going to the University was a very inspirational trip, and we look forward to going again!”

by Sarah, Imogen and Hannah S.