On Wednesday, Scarlet, Hannah and Ewan represented the school at Millburn Academy.  The challenge is organised by the University of Aberdeen and the Edinburgh Mathematical Society.  This year they will run the event in Aberdeen, Elgin, Inverness and Forfar.  This was the first time that Highland Council had been invited to take part and there was huge support for the event from schools!

There were five different challenges to exercise the teams’ mathematical thinking skills: a poster challenge about measure, a round table challenge which involved moving round mathematical stations, a team challenge which was like a written exam, a head to head challenge (“Hex” Game) which was incredibly tense, and a relay challenge which was like a problem solving race!

All the pupils (and adults!) taking part worked incredibly hard all day, but of course we are especially proud of OUR team, including Grace (sub) and Mrs N Christie (coach.)

If you’d like to find out more, please see the blog below:

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