“Today P6/7 got a special visit from our local MP, Drew Hendry. We learned about the tension in parliament and about the main parts of the job. We got to ask lots of questions and he always had an interesting answer! We all really enjoyed the visit and we hope everybody has learnt a thing or two about democracy.” Sarah & Hannah S. P7

“Today Mr Drew Hendry MP came into our class. It was really interesting to find out about him. Mr Drew Hendry MP doesn’t like the shouting in parliament. He has visited many schools. He was really interesting. Drew Hendry said that being a part of democracy is great. His favourite thing is talking to people. He talked about parliament and how he has to make a lot of important decisions.” Anna & Sam, P6

“We found out that MPs sometimes have to make life or death decisions. MPs don’t have a lot of free time but they get paid £76, 400 every year.” Scarlet & Calum, P6

“He gets hundreds of emails every day. He walks about 14km every day.” Logan M, P6

“Mr Hendry came to visit P6/7 and we learned that the House of Commons is hundreds and hundreds of years old, and that men in parliament have to wear suits and ties (but not bow ties.) When Mr Hendry was little, he wanted to be a pilot but he found out he was a little bit colour blind so he couldn’t be a pilot.” Hannah G, and Hazel, P6

“He likes his job and he likes Hearts, F.C. He likes helping people.” Owin, P6

Our thanks to Mr Hendry (and Sally) for taking the time to visit and answer all thirty one of our questions in such detail!