“Today P6/7 got a visit from MSP Kate Forbes.  She told us about her job and answered lots of questions.  We learned that her constituency covers 11, 863 square metres.  The class enjoyed listening to her answers and thought Kate was very nice and friendly!”  Grace & George, P6

“Today the MSP Kate Forbes came to our school.  She answered our questions and it turns out she likes history!  She said that she gets hundreds of emails every week.  We asked her what the worst thing is about her job and she said “when you can’t help someone.”  Anna asked what she would say to anyone who wants to be an MSP and Kate Forbes said “you’ve got to be passionate.”  By Anna & Sophie-Lee, P6

“Primary 6/7 enjoyed having Kate Forbes MSP coming to talk to us about being an MSP.  She gets paid £61, 000 a year.  She works nearly 90 hours a week.  She is from Dingwall.”  Freya, P6

Ms Forbes also explained some of the other roles within the Scottish Parliament, including that of Presiding Officer.  Hazel had a go at being our Presiding Officer!  After the interview the pupils were able to make notes which will help them with their topic work next week.

A huge thank you to Ms Forbes from P6/7 and Miss Mullin.