Fifteen pupils are ready to present their personal projects to the class next week.  The remaining ten pupils have until Friday 9th to complete theirs.  I look forward to hearing all about the people and events that you have spent the last month researching!  We will blog about the presentations next week.

Please find a reminder of the task below:

Personal Project Task: Social Studies / Literacy (Class Talk)

I can discuss why people and events from a particular time in the past were important, placing them within a historical sequence. SOC 2-06a

• L.I: I can prepare a class talk about a significant person or event.

  • I can explain why the person or event was significant to democracy.
  • I can explain when the events took place, putting them into historical context.
  • I can summarise main points or findings.

You will be asked to present a class talk about a significant person or event (connected with democracy) during the week beginning Monday 5th June. You may create a poster or a PowerPoint presentation, which may include photographs or film footage. You may also use props if you wish. Your presentation needs to be 5-8 minutes long. You must present most of the information in your own words and you must be able to show your bibliography.