This week, P6/7 have been presenting individual class talks.  They have used posters, PowerPoints, photos and video clips to share their personal research into significant people or events to do with democracy.

Groups have given each speaker “two stars and a wish” after each presentation.

There have been a good variety of topics.  We look forward to hearing more tomorrow and on Monday.

Some of their work is included below.  We will add more as the talks are completed.

We would love your feedback!

Freya MLKImogen Suffragettes

Ruairidh Hitler

Darci Nelson Mandela

Anna Greek democracy talk

Grace Suffragettes personal project

Eilidh Donald Trump

Hannah G President Macron

Hazel Suffragettes

Logan H Nicola Sturgeon

George B Mahatma Gandhi

Iona Woman’s Rights

Jamie M Nicola Sturgeon

Logan M Barack Obama

Joseph Donald Trump

Calum B Mr Ballance MSP

Sophie Donald Trump

Ewan Chernobyl

Scarlet Donald Trump