Huge thanks to Council Leader Margaret Davidson and councillors Janet Campbell, Emma Knox, Jimmy Gray and George Cruickshank for explaining what it’s like to be a councillor to us.  It was really interesting to hear people from different political perspectives, including independent councillors who don’t represent a political party.  All the councillors agreed that the job requires good listening, careful judgement and the ability to prioritise.  All the councillors want the best for Highland, even although they might disagree about how to achieve that.

Thanks also to our debating opponents from Crown Primary School!  We enjoyed debating food waste and shark culls.  The time went so fast that not everyone in the audience got to make their points!  It was a great experience to debate in the chamber and be questioned by a panel of councillors.  They gave us really useful feedback.  The councillors were impressed by our research and preparation but we all have to learn to speak slowly and clearly.  We also need to practise maintaining really good eye contact throughout, and only glancing at our notes.