No Homework Club 12.6.17

Primary 4

Due to The Rocky Monster Show performances there will be no homework this week and no homework club today.  We are looking forward to sharing our show with you!

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Class talks

This week, P6/7 have been presenting individual class talks.  They have used posters, PowerPoints, photos and video clips to share their personal research into significant people or events to do with democracy.

Groups have given each speaker “two stars and a wish” after each presentation.

There have been a good variety of topics.  We look forward to hearing more tomorrow and on Monday.

Some of their work is included below.  We will add more as the talks are completed.

We would love your feedback!

Freya MLKImogen Suffragettes

Ruairidh Hitler

Darci Nelson Mandela

Anna Greek democracy talk

Grace Suffragettes personal project

Eilidh Donald Trump

Hannah G President Macron

Hazel Suffragettes

Logan H Nicola Sturgeon

George B Mahatma Gandhi

Iona Woman’s Rights

Jamie M Nicola Sturgeon

Logan M Barack Obama

Joseph Donald Trump

Calum B Mr Ballance MSP

Sophie Donald Trump

Ewan Chernobyl

Scarlet Donald Trump





Personal Projects

Fifteen pupils are ready to present their personal projects to the class next week.  The remaining ten pupils have until Friday 9th to complete theirs.  I look forward to hearing all about the people and events that you have spent the last month researching!  We will blog about the presentations next week.

Please find a reminder of the task below:

Personal Project Task: Social Studies / Literacy (Class Talk)

I can discuss why people and events from a particular time in the past were important, placing them within a historical sequence. SOC 2-06a

• L.I: I can prepare a class talk about a significant person or event.

  • I can explain why the person or event was significant to democracy.
  • I can explain when the events took place, putting them into historical context.
  • I can summarise main points or findings.

You will be asked to present a class talk about a significant person or event (connected with democracy) during the week beginning Monday 5th June. You may create a poster or a PowerPoint presentation, which may include photographs or film footage. You may also use props if you wish. Your presentation needs to be 5-8 minutes long. You must present most of the information in your own words and you must be able to show your bibliography.

Rocky Monster – Tickets

Primary 1

A letter was sent home today to families with slips to return if you would like tickets for the afternoon performance on the 12th June or the evening performance on the 13th June. This is limited to 2 per family. We are limited to a strict number of people in the hall because of fire regulations.

People requiring a third ticket will be entered into a lottery and will be issued accordingly if they are successful.

We also have a whole school dress rehearsal next Tues morning starting at 9.45am in the Craigmonie Centre. This is for people that cannot attend the other performances and it is free of charge. Please bear in mind though that this is still a rehearsal and may not be a fully polished performance! 🙂

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Sporting Fun

P6/7 had great fun at the School Sports today.  The afternoon started with potted sports.  Pupils worked together in their house teams to earn points toward the House Sports Cup – the winner will be revealed tomorrow!  There were 12 activities to complete.  After that, year groups competed against each other in races.  The mums and dads also had a chance to race against each other!

Here are a few photos of the potted sports:

And here are the P6 and P7 races!

It was P6/7’s last day with Mr Everitt, and many of the pupils generously gifted him their stickers.  We drew the line at letting him take the House Cup home though.  It is his last day with us tomorrow.  He will be sorely missed.  Thank you for everything Mr Everitt!

Sports Day Details!

Dear Parents,

Just a reminder that Sports Day is on Wednesday this week.  Parents should join us at the Primary school at 1pm.  The events will take place on the sports field behind the High School.

Pupils should remember to bring PE kit, a light rain jacket, sunscreen and a hat!  Water will be provided and pupils will also be given an apple and a treat at hometime.

Pupils can wear their normal PE kit – we will supply the pupils with a coloured bib in their house colours for the “potted sports” section of the afternoon.

We look forward to seeing you there!  🙂

Improving technique

Huge thanks to Darci’s mum, Mrs Callender, for helping our class to improve their relay racing technique today.  We picked up several new things to think about.

Good luck to our team at the South Highland Schools Athletic Association Primary Inter-school Championships tomorrow.  We are competing in Section 4 – The Grigor Cup.  If you are near Bught Park, come along and cheer our athletes on!

Animal 999 Scotland

P6/7 had a really interesting morning with Carol from the SSPCA.  She delivered the “Animal 999 Scotland” workshop, which highlighted the work of the SSPCA in local communities and beyond.  The pupils increased their animal knowledge and competed against each other in animal-themed games.  P6/7 also discussed what it means to be a responsible animal citizen and the legal powers of the SSPCA and Police Scotland in these matters.  Thank you Carol!

For more information, please visit: SSPCA Education