P7 Photo Shoot!

“Today the P7s had a photoshoot for the Highland News feature, “Moving Up!”  These are some of the photos that we took!  The P7s enjoyed this photoshoot and some enjoyed hanging upside down on the play equipment while others enjoyed doing piggybacks!”
by Darci and Imogen, P7

Look out for the feature at the end of June.  Hopefully one of these photos will be used!

Leaders of Learning

P6/7 had so many good ideas for Structured Golden Time activities that they decided to organise and lead the golden time groups this term.

They are leading the following activities over the next few weeks: football, story time, coding, mythology, parachute games, infant art club & drama.  (Each group has a teacher present to assist!)

I have been very impressed by their creativity, motivation, organisation and leadership.   Several groups have even designed certificates to award each week, as well as “skills” certificates for the end of the six week block.  It is fantastic to see our senior pupils encouraging their peers.  Well done P6/7!

Here are four of the groups in action!

Relay Races

This afternoon, P6/7 had a “mini-lesson” on relay race baton changes with Mrs Woodhouse and some of the S3s from Glenurquhart High School.  We had to learn which side of the lane to stand in for each handover.  After two practise races, we had to race against the S3s.  Our P7s are SO fast, they easily beat both the S3 teams!  We’ll continue to work on our relay race technique next week.

The Daily Mile

P6/7 completed their “daily mile” after break today.  During the daily mile, pupils are challenged to run, jog and/or walk up to 5 times around the Astroturf in 15 minutes.  This is a key part of our physical activity during the week.

Hannah S & Sarah volunteered to be our “sports photographers.”  Well done girls – some entertaining snaps here – especially the one with Mr Everitt!  😀

A Monstrous Morning

Thanks to our P6/7 technical crew for these photos from this morning’s rehearsal of “The Rocky Monster Show.”  With just under four weeks to go, it was the first time all five classes had a complete run through of the whole thing.  There were some fantastic performances which made us giggle.  Mr Everitt gave the actors “notes” at the end – basically everyone needs to keep practising their  lines and work on their voice projection.  Imogen (P7) did a fantastic job with the music and sound effects!

P6/7 will be in touch with everyone shortly about tickets etc.  The performance dates are Monday 12th June in the afternoon and Tuesday 13th June in the evening.

After school chess club

We had another busy after-school chess session today.  We learned/revised three things this afternoon:

  1. The King Vs King rule (Kings aren’t allowed to move within one square of each other.)
  2. Castling the King (please visit: The Chess Kid Guide to Castling
  3. Chess Notation

This is tricky stuff, especially for P2/3s (and Miss Mullin!)  P4-7 were great at supporting their younger opponents today.  Well done everyone.  🙂

(Miss Mullin repeated the lesson that Mr McWhirr taught the lunchtime chess club last Thursday.  If it wasn’t for Mr McWhirr…)